Stop me before I binge again

Kevin Bacon stars as Ryan Hardy in The Following

Kevin Bacon stars as Ryan Hardy in The Following

We had dinner with BJ last night, and she told us about a program she and Larry are watching, The Following.  It’s a new take on the police procedural, with Kevin Bacon playing the anti-hero Ryan Hardy, an alcoholic ex-FBI agent called back into the Agency  to aid in the search for a serial killer. A killer Hardy had put away, but now he has escaped and they need Hardy to get him back.

The killer, Joe Carrol, is a brilliant, megalomaniacal psychopath. His charisma allows him to manipulate a horde of followers, every one a soulless serial killer.

This is American broadcast television, from the Fox network.  There is an enormous amount of violence and blood.  No sex because the sight of a breast would traumatize us.

Here’s the binge part:  we found the series on Netflix and started watching.  Watched 3 episodes last night, and NINE MORE, so far, today.  It’s addictive as hell.  I didn’t even get into the shower until 6:15 this evening, so we could go out to eat.  Then we rushed right back home for more.

We’ve been through 12 episodes.  There are 15 in the first season, and 3 or 4 in the current season, so we will be caught up soon.  Then, perhaps, we can return to a normal life.

This binging stuff is dangerous.  We watched all of House of Cards in a flash, then went through a season and a half of Homeland.  Netflix can be as addictive as heroin, but at least it’s cheaper.

If you have a great program you watch, please, please, don’t tell me.


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