Living the high life

Dallas is flat.  Real flat.  Flat like a dead pancake, flat like a month old glass of soda.

And the downtown closes up shop at 6 pm.  There is just nothing going on in this area.  I went out for a walk and to find something to eat to be met with a void that not even Stephen Hawking could explain.

Finally, in the bowels of an enormous office complex, with a fabulous 15 story atrium, I found three pitiful tiny fast food joints, and decided on my exquisite gourmet repast for the evening.

Can't get any finer than this.

Can’t get any finer than this.


I wanted the original recipe, but they didn’t have any more dark meat, so I got the extra crispy.  It’s that kind of on-the-spot decision making that exemplifies a great bridge player.

The Colonel’s biscuits have always been a great part of the food, but the bean counters have gotten into the cookbook and cut costs:

Even Mrs. Butterworth would be ashamed of this.

Even Mrs. Butterworth would be ashamed of this.

Diet Pepsi is $3.01 in the gift store but Diet Coke is $2.00 in the vending machine.  Tomorrow I hope to find a drug store and get a 12 pack for something more reasonable.

Having ingested my upscale dinner, it about time to wander downstairs and kibbitz.  No partner tonight–Mike is with his family in the ‘burbs.  I’ll just socialize and try to learn a thing or two.  Probably will need that this week…….


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