Q at last, Q at last, Praise God almighty we Q’d at last

That's us, with a great big Q by our names.

That’s us, with a great big Q by our names.


I couldn’t tell you how many times Mike and I have flown halfway or more across the country in March to play the IMP pairs and not made the cut.  It feels like dozens.  But not today!!

We were plus 3.5 imps in the first session, and plus 20 in the second session so we not only qualified but with a decent carryover; we have a decent chance of placing in the overalls tomorrow.

Linda B. played with Don Mamula and they had a great first session and a so-so second session, meaning they will be in the finals tomorrow as well.

Dinner was at some pretty second rate Italian joint named Porta di Roma.  The food, what there was of it, was mediocre.  The portions were miniscule.  They don’t have any decent sweetener for the iced tea.  If you’re in Dallas, eat somewhere else.  You might even try Lee Harvey’s.  Yep, there’s a bar in this burg named after the assassin of JFK.  No, I don’t understand it.  I guess it’s popular with the Tea Party; I don’t think I’ll be going there.

Out for a walk last night, I saw this:

A monument to the NSA perhaps?

A monument to the NSA perhaps?


A vacant lot, completely fenced in, with a nice lawn and a 25 foot high eyeball.  No signs that I could see explaining it.  Just art for its own sake, I guess.

Wonderful Wendy Sullivan put on a spectacular opening reception this evening, which is why I’m typing so late. I’m not one to pass up an opportunity to dance, I even had my “Born to Dance” suspenders on all day.  I could live without the bar soaking me $4.50 for a Diet Coke, but that’s the hotel, not the league.  The music was wonderful.  I told Wendy to just send a wheelchair up to my room in the morning because my knee will probably be complaining–and it was worth it.


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