International Pizza Expo

The reason we were in Las Vegas was to attend the International Pizza Expo, the annual conclave of pizza store owners and the people who sell to them.

The trade show actually runs 4 days, and includes many excellent seminars and classes to improve the way you run your business and increase the bottom line.

We went just for the exposition–the trade show with hundreds of booths selling everything from huge automated pizza ovens to magnetic advertising signs to frozen pizza dough.  There were many point of sale computer systems, people selling kitchenware, a few massage booths for the footsore, tiny craft beer manufacturers and huge cheese conglomerates.

We walked for miles, up and down the rows, looking for a few specific items but mostly trying to keep our minds open to new ideas and possibilities.

After hours of purposeful trudging, we left with a bag full of swag (I even scored the rare and valuable Tabasco Apron), tired legs and plenty of things to thing about and implement to make Fat Slice run better.

Here is a gallery of photos of the fun and variety of the Pizza Expo.Click on the photos to see them larger.


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