This is a tough field

Here are the results from the 4 pm speedball on Bridge Base this afternoon.  Notice that Gail and I  (Chairman and Fatslice) did not scratch.  The team above us did not scratch.  We had a great game, just didn’t get anything for it.  Life is hard.


Fredp+SandraGeb  66.68     0.78

jbr_dk+erikwied  65.84          0.84

underace+audrey33  64.38    0.68

carnadian+atthebea  63.96     0.36

gram2+dogmandobe  62.28    0.38

pinewind+snooker12  60.95

Fatslice+Chairman  60.69

everna+oronda  53.30

komalk+zoomnee  48.95

donnaa33+s1benson  47.54

ddlion+eieieio  41.46

txgal+judy3  40.78

paulkh+ilane  37.89


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