Alone, desolate and forlorn

That’s me tonight.

Gail is here, that isn’t the problem.

My phone is in the shop, now that’s a crisis. The on/off button wasn’t working, the charging dock was getting finicky and I’m off to Gatlinburg on Sunday. The prospect of a failed phone in Tennessee is too awful to consider, so I had to get the phone in first class shape before I left.

I get our phones fixed by Joe Iphone, a guy who works in the front of Peoples Cafe on Shattuck in Berkeley. Usually, you make an appointment online and he fixes things while you wait, but my issues required an overnight stay in the phone hospital Now I am without my adult pacifier until 11 am Wednesday. The withdrawal is killing me.

What if Mike wants to text me? How will I keep up in Words with Friends? How can I call Gail from the grocery store to find out what kind of pickles to buy? What is on our calendar for Sunday, May 4? Will  people still think I’m smart if I can’t Google the answer to anything in a flash on my little black amanuensis?

I admit it, I’m addicted. I am powerless before my phone. If I could have it surgically implanted, I would.  Now I just have to survive until 11 am………………………..


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