Danny’s dream comes true

Danny is sitting across from Eric Rodwell.  Dreams do come true

Danny is sitting across from Eric Rodwell. Dreams do come true


Danny was sitting out the second half this morning, kibitzing Meckstroth and Rodwell.  When Eric was declarer, Jeff was away from the table and out the door to smoke in a flash, and Danny got to take his place and turn dummy for Eric.  Life doesn’t get much better.

Which is good, since we lost the match we were playing.

Then we started a new KO at 1, and almost won.  A declarer at Bob and Dan’s table made a questionable claim, but the director ruled in his favor anyway.  If we get the ruling, we win the match.  So Dan and Bob appealed, but we lost that too.  When you’re not hot, you’re not hot.

Sitting out this afternoon, I drove the 12 miles to Walmart.  It was worth the trip just for the people watching–everyone from hyper-religious Christian women in long dresses and some kind of hat/hair covering to men in long sleeves and strange skinny suspenders with beards and no mustaches to overweight women in hideous neon clothes to some poor 8 year old girl dressed like a downtown hooker–her mother should be ashamed of herself.  The grocery store part of Walmart is huge and the prices are incredibly low–no wonder Safeway and the SEIU is terrified of them flooding the market in California.

Dinner was decent.  I’ve decided not to write too much about our meals because we go to the same restaurants every year and I’ve said it all before.  Tonight, though, the interesting part was that I had a steak–not a strip steak, or a rib eye or a T-bone or a porterhouse or New York or hangar steak, just “steak”  A slab of marinated beef with no other description.  It was tender and tasty and properly cooked.  That’s as good as it’s going to get, so I’m a happy camper.

This evening, Mike and I played pairs while the other guys played the loser Swiss.  Our game was about 60%, I think, and the boys are still playing their last match.  I should get an email in an hour or so with our results–technology is improving the game at a furious pace.

Morning KO’s start tomorrow, then a new prime-time KO at 1.  It rained today both literally and figuratively, tomorrow will be brighter.



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