I played 47 hands well today

Unfortunately, we played 48 boards.

You know it isn’t a good thing when you partner asks why you didn’t take the setting trick.  The opponents were in 4 Hearts, and we had 4 aces.  Managed to take 3 of them, but I was lost in the ozone and didn’t grab the Ace of Diamonds when I could have.

The good news is that we won the match anyway.

And it was the third match of the day, and we won them all.  Starting this morning when Mike and I came in for the second half and were down 39 imps, but we managed to pull it out.

Then in the second match of the day, we played a couple of pettifogging bridge table lawyers who made the event unpleasant except for the part where we beat them like a dirty rug.

And in the last match, when we just played well (on all but 1 board), and steadily surged ahead and took the match.

Cap that off with my annual dinner with Wendy Sullivan, where we plotted world domination and the eventual takeover of the ACBL, and this was a pretty good day.


One thought on “I played 47 hands well today

  1. I wish I. Could say I had never gone to bed with the setting trick! Better to find a warm body …. Keep the news coming!

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