Wrap it up, bitch, I’m ready to dance

Yep, that what the classic Southern Belle Wendy Sullivan said to me right after the game on Friday.  She works 15 or 16 hours a day for weeks before, during and after a NABC and the first Friday is her only chance to party–and that means dancing with me.  The music had started, Elvis was in the building, and she wanted to shake a leg, so I’d better get a move on, stop looking at scores and beat feet to the dance area.

First I had to get my picture taken with a couple of little old lady players from the area:

Bridge tournaments are all just hard work for me.

Bridge tournaments are all just hard work for me.


I ended up right behind the beauty on the left in the conga line, too.

Wendy always arranges a great opening reception for the players, and last night was one of her finest.  Given that we are in the hotel where Elvis spent his time, she retained the services of Greg Miller, an Elvis impersonator of the highest caliber.  His voice was spot on, his costumes, moves, lines, jokes, all were perfectly Elvis.  The night was perfect.

Greg Miller as Elvis Presley

Greg Miller as Elvis Presley

Of course, I can hardly walk today from sore muscles–there just isn’t enough dancing in my life.

The other reason to celebrate Friday night is that Mike and I had two decent sessions and made the cut in the first day of the 3 day Life Master Pairs. The event has gotten much tougher this year since they are also holding an under 5000 event and an under 1500 event, so the field for us has gotten vastly stronger.

All of which came to a point on Saturday, when we had a poor first session and a worse second session. We’ll be playing compact KO’s tomorrow.

A couple of dinner notes:  Friday we went to Piero’s, which is on Convention Center drive, just a few minutes walk from the playing site. It’s an old-fashioned, heavy, dark Italian restaurant with good food, classic service and moderate/reasonable prices. The entrees come with a house salad which is very good, the portions are sufficient even for me and Don Mamula, the atmosphere is straight out of the 50’s.  I liked it.  Pia Zadora does a lounge act there on Friday and Saturday nights that I would love to see, but it’s one show only, at 9, so no chance.

Tonight, Mike and I took the car and drove to McCormick and Schmick, at the end of Paradise Road in Hughes Center. The restaurant is just like all the other M&S establishments, except that you could shoot a cannon through the joint. Six thirty on Saturday night and the place was deserted.  The bar was completely empty.  I don’t understand it, but it means you can get a reservation easily.

I’ve been living it up in the Marriott Las Vegas, next door to Piero’s and about a 9 minute walk from the playing site.  Great room, really a suite, free internet and $90/night.  That will last until Monday morning, when I’m moving over to the Westgate so Gail doesn’t have to brave the heat.  I got us an upgraded room there, which should be much better than the hovel we were in last March.

And that’s the news from Vegas–some good bridge, some bad bridge, good food, lots of heat and great dancing.  Just what you want in a tournament.


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