No buzz, just buzzwords


There’s a vacant storefront in Berkeley near Fat Slice. Walking past it yesterday, I noticed the windows were taped over and this help-wanted sign was posted. I had to share it with you.

Do you notice anything missing? What kind of business is it? A store? A factory? A restaurant? A massage parlor? You cannot tell.

There are plenty of buzz words to describe what they want. Just nothing that indicates real, necessary skills.

I question how much professionalism is required given that there are two typos on this page. They noticed at least the transposition in the area code, although they were too lazy to correct it and reprint. Of course, they may be making a metaphysical statement suggesting you can “be apart” of Berkeley’s newest adventure.

I am afraid I don’t have any faith that whatever businesses this will become will be a success. Little things like spelling and punctuation are important, just like Sister John Lucy said they were. The inability to communicate just what they are looking for seems like a dealbreaker. One would hope that this close to the University of California, they could find someone capable of writing a basic job posting.

I’m looking forward to finding out what kind of business will open here. I think I will have to look quickly, for I do not expect it to last very long.


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