Name that car

Miltenberg, the pearl of the Main river

Miltenberg, the pearl of the Main river


We’ve spent quite some time meandering along the canals that connect the Rhine to the Main, going through innumerable locks as our ship goes up and up and up.  Eventually, we ended up here, in  Miltenberg.  Everybody has to be someplace.

There was an official tour this afternoon, but it entailed two hours of free time stuck in the town square of this burg, and rain was predicted.  That seemed like a bad combination to me, so we decided to just stay on the ship and play cards.

I did get off the ship for a few minutes, just to walk a couple of blocks and buy some diet Coke for the refrigerator in our room.  The experience convinced me that we had made the right decision for the day because it was colder than a stepmothers kiss out there, and the wind was blowing the rain sideways.

The interesting thing was running across this car.  A magnificent looking two seater, clearly not new but perfectly maintained.  I just don’t have any idea of what it is.  There is a nameplate on the front, “Marcos”.

Take a look.  See what you think.  Does anybody know anything about this vehicle?  I’m fascinated.


4 thoughts on “Name that car

  1. Wikipedia knows all. Might be a Marcos Spyder from a UK car manufacturer whose existence has flickered since 1959 building race and street cars.

  2. Here’s what my brother,who has owned three Ferraris, a Lancia, an Aston Martin (?) and three Cunninghams, says: Marcos was the brand. Interesting story of failure over several decades. The brand that refused to die.

  3. Marcos auto, not a very expensive auto of the 60’s and 70’s produced in England

    Cuzin Nick M

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