Another way to decorate a house.

The redoubtable Jimmy Snidle among his art.
The redoubtable Jimmy Snidle surrounded by his art.

Another tour with the Oakland Museum Art Guild.  This one was a doozy.

We went to the home of James Snidle, a San Francisco artist, art appraiser and gallery owner.  His small San Francisco abode is crammed top to bottom with art, very very good art.  The spectacular views across the Bay are overwhelmed by the incredible interior of this 2 bedroom museum.

We have a considerable amount of art in our house.  Jimmy Snidle has more, and in half the space.  He has great art, by Robert Arneson, Clayton Bailey, Squeak Carnwath and dozens of others.  There are no unadorned spaces in this jewel box of a home.

Alongside the house is city property, which Jimmy and his partner have simply appropriated for a lush garden. The city doesn’t really mind if you want to take care of their land for them.  In the backyard they have a huge collection of immaculately tended bonsai, to take care of the garden they use the best tips from this site at, the outcome has been amazing.

I can’t describe this place, I can only show it to you.  And suggest that you join the Art Guild so you can go places you would never find by yourself.


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