They can’t all be winners

Some people plan every part of their life, some of us are as spontaneous as possible.  Fortunately, we have friends who live life as ad hoc as we do.  So when Keith and Jan Gunn called and asked if we wanted to go to lunch and see the Blue Angels today, we were ready in a flash.  We’re lucky enough to live in the Bay Area where the every year for Fleet Week we get a world class airshow over the beautiful bay.

Jan and Gail were ready for a sunny day:

The parasol will never go out of style.

The parasol will never go out of style.

We ate lunch at Murray Circle, a fancy-dancy joint that’s part of an upscale resort situated in Cavallo Point, at the very southern end of Marin County almost under the Golden Gate Bridge.  The idea was to have a fine lunch and then enjoy the Blue Angels.  One of those things happened.

We ate here once before, and liked it.  No such luck today.

The whole experience started strangely.  Our companions were Keith and Jan Gunn; Jan had called the restaurant twice trying to get a reservation and was told they were fully booked.  We thought we’d end up having a bite at the bar, but the restaurant was mostly empty and we got a table immediately.  Why couldn’t we get a reservation?  Only the Shadow knows.

The facility is warm and attractive, as you would expect from a former Officers Club.  Lots of wood and brass, windows everywhere, white tablecloths and heavy flatware make it a pleasant place to be.

The food, though, was a huge disappointment.

Biscuits and gravy, so they think.

Biscuits and gravy, so they think.


Biscuits and gravy may well be the quintessential American breakfast food, unknown everywhere else in the world.  Ordering a big hot gooey plate in an upscale eatery seemed like a slam dunk.  That was wrong.

I got a plate that included 1 hard, cold, biscuit, split, topped with poached eggs and lightly napped (not drowned, as they should be) with an insipid, bland, sausage-less “gravy” that was cold.  Cold enough to chill the eggs underneath.  It was dreadful, tasteless and vile.  Every fourth rate greasy spoon sitting alongside a two lane highway bypassed by an Interstate can prepare a decent plate of biscuits and gravy.  Murray Circle can’t.

Edible huevos rancheros.

Edible huevos rancheros.

Gail and Keith had the huevos rancheros.  I asked her the food was, and she said “edible”.  For $18 I expect a hell of a lot more than edible.

Lettuce Chicken cups.

Lettuce Chicken cups.

I think Jan was the big winner, although she wasn’t very excited.  The food was fine, she just doesn’t enjoy building her own food with her hands in a restaurant.  Jan eats pizza with a knife and fork, this dish just isn’t a good fit for her.

After lunch, Jan and Keith strolled down to the waterfront to view the Blue Angels.



Lunch may have been a disaster, but the Blue Angels were a complete hit.  I took a couple of hundred photos, and got one winner.  That’s enough for me.  Any day you can see this is a good day:


This photo needs no caption

This photo needs no caption


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