A different kind of thanks

I’m not the type to write the traditional Thanksgiving glurg.  We all live well and have much to be thankful about–if you don’t know that by now I can’t help you.

We got an email today from Carol Scott. Kaiser told her about the results of Jack’s organ donation.

There are 6 people walking around healthier today because of Jack Scott’s generosity of spirit.  The hospital was able to transplant his corneas, his liver, both kidneys and one lung to people in need most dire.

8 years ago granddaughter Demi suddenly came down with auto-immune hepatitis at the age of 17.  If she had not received a donated liver she would have died that summer.  The generosity of others is why she is alive today.

Today I’m thankful that there are people like Jack, people who are willing to help others. I’m thankful that Jack was my friend. I’m thankful that Demi is with us.

The best way to show my gratitude is not by overeating and watching football, but by asking all of you to be sure you have signed up for organ donation.  It’s easy, it’s free, it’s a matter of life and death to somebody.  Maybe your granddaughter.  Honor Jack and do it today.


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