Goat yes, Yak no

Dinner before the theater at Mt Everest, a Nepali/Indian place on Telegraph in Berkeley. It’s an attractive small restaurant, but you won’t believe how good it smells.  I was completely hooked in seconds. The decor is nice, the aroma is incredible.

I was hoping for yak, but that was not to be. Shouldn’t a Nepalese restaurant have yak? The most exotic thing on the menu was goat, so that’s what I ordered.  Gail had the lamb saag, her consistent favorite Indian food. Lisa went for the butter chicken.

Lamb, goat and chicken dishes create a feast of flavors.

Lamb, goat and chicken dishes create a feast of flavors.

Indian food is mostly a variety of stews–all the meats are cut small and simmered slowly with lots of spice, then served over rice.  The dishes are all put on the plate family style, and great dining commences.

The traditional bread is naan, made to order and served piping hot. The Mt. Everest version was crispier than usual, heavily laced with garlic chunks, and particularly good.

Service was friendly and efficient.  There was one small glitch–I ordered an appetizer, the chicken momo, 10 bite sized steamed dumplings.  They were excellent, but served at the same time as everything else.  That’s not the worst thing that’s ever happened to me, and this is not a fine dining establishment.

The wine selection looked rather sparse, the they were out of Gail’s first choice.  I stuck to a traditional yogurt drink, a sweet lassi.

Mt. Everest is a very good small ethnic restaurant.  Prices are very reasonable,service is pleasant and the food is savory aromatic and delicious. I call it a winner.

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One thought on “Goat yes, Yak no

  1. Glad you enjoyed Mt E. We go there often and enjoy it quite a bit. We bring our own wine — corkage is only $5 (sometimes $10 depending on how they feel) no matter how many bottles we open.

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