How to get through anything

My kid brother, David T. Pisarra, Esq, is not only a family practice attorney, but is the host of the Men’s Family Law podcast.  His catchphrase is “A cheeseburger and a chocolate shake will get you through just about anything.”  That’s what I think about when we go to our new local burger joint, Mona’s Burgers.  (Not a bad way to plug the kid, doncha think?)

For the last twenty years, the corner spot of our local strip mall was held by Chopin Cafe, a tiny Polish restaurant that served a good Sunday breakfast but too many mushroom dishes for dinner. When the place finally closed, it was replaced by Mona’s Burgers,

Mona’s is a decidedly upscale joint.  you can have your burger with Angus beef, salmon, chicken, turkey or tofu.  The salmon, though, is farmed so Gail says I can’t order it.

I order the Cali-burger, which comes with avocado and sprouts.  The buns are seeded and large without being doughy. Cheap joints like The Habit or 1/4 Giant Burger will only cook their meat well done–a good reason to skip them. They know how bad their meat is.  Mona’s doesn’t have that problem–they cook to order, and they know what medium rare means.


We go there frequently not just for the great burgers, but the great fries.  Gail is a serious aficionado of the fry, and only approves of them thin and extra crispy.  The fries at Mona’s always measure up to her unrelenting standards.

Portions are huge–this is a small fries, which would do for 4 people.  You don’t want to think about the large order unless you have your kids entire baseball team with you.

Fries good enough to suit Gail

Fries good enough to suit Gail

A good burger can only be properly washed down with either a beer or a shake.  Mona’s has a variety of good beers on tap, but that’s not my style.  I go for the shake, and this place rises to the occasion.  Not satisfied with a simple chocolate shake, I order mine made with Nutella.

Love the shake, hate the glass.

Love the shake, hate the glass.

I am not a fan of putting things in Mason jars, unless you are serving home made jelly.   It’s hard enough to get all the sweet gooey goodness out of a straight sided glass, you don’t need to add the neck and ridges for some meaningless “homey” touch.

When the worst thing I can find in a restaurant is the shape of the glass, you know I like it.  Mona’s is a burger joint, not a white tablecloth boite or bistro.  Service is swift and friendly.  Enjoy your food and let the next group get the table, this is not the place to linger.  The crowds at the door waiting for you to get ups are the best sign that Mona’s is a winner.


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