Nashville comes to San Francisco

Gail and I love the TV nighttime soap opera Nashville.  Fun stories mixed with good music, it’s excellent entertainment.  So when I saw that the cast of the show would be in concert, I had to get tickets.

Although I bought our entry online, I did something wrong or they did, and it was a hassle getting into the Warfield theater.  Once in, we went up the stairs, waited in an interminable line for the bar and headed for our seats.

Dumb luck was with me:  we ended up sitting dead center in the front row of the loge.  Not only a perfect view but a ledge in front of us to hold our drinks and brace my camera.

The concert features 7 of the cast members singing. They are not in character, they are themselves sharing their music.  Sam Palladio (Gunner) is from London, and speaks with his British accent then sings as though he were born in Nashville.  Clare Bowen (Scarlett) is Australian and performs the same magic.

Chris Carmack (Will) is as hunky and gorgeous in person as on the screen.  He sings by himself and in duet with his TV wife, Audrey Peeples (Layla).  Then Audrey takes over the stage and belts out a few.

Sisters Lennon and Maisy Stella (Maddie and Daphne) are delightful. Lennon is 16 and growing into an adult, while Maisy is a cute 11.  I appreciated that the show does not try to sexualize her or make he look more grown up than she is.

Clare Bowen comes out in a long dress, bare feet and a garland of flowers in her hair–I remember when there were thousands of girls around here who looked like that, but they didn’t sing like an angel.

Charles “Chip” Esten (Deacon) ties the show together, singing songs from the show and songs he has written himself. His song “He’s Not Me” was a major highlight of the evening.

They all get together, pretend to end the show and then come back for the now-obligatory “encore”. I’m pretty tired of this charade–sing your songs and end your show, encores are for genuinely great events, not every single performance everywhere.  Like the standing ovation, the meaning of the encore has been diminished to nothingness. Ok, I’ll turn the curmudgeon off now.

We loved the show.  Loved the singing and the singers.  Had a wonderful time.  Will go back if they come around next year, now that the show has been renewed for it’s fourth season.  Wednesday nights at 10 on ABC.  Don’t miss it.


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