An Auspicious Beginning

I am off on an adventure. I get to fly to Indianapolis and drive a truck home for our friend Dave Allen, owner of Artefact Design in Sonoma. 

As I was squeezing into my seat a few minutes ago, the cabin steward came up and told me to move from my cramped pew in steerage to seat 1A in the front of the plane.   All those frequent flyer miles are paying off. 

Some people would hate the idea of driving for 4 days. I am not one of those people. I love travel and always like to see new places. I haven’t taken a long road trip since Carl Oeser and I toured the country in 10 days in 1971. 

We got home from Tacoma last night after midnight. We had been there to watch grand daughter Chloe graduate from college. I was back in the airport at 5:30 this morning. Life in the fast lane has a few drawbacks but who can complain about a new adventure and a surprise upgrade to first class?

Life is good. 


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