Live from I74 in Indiana 

  Traffic isn’t just in the bay area. I am at a dead stop on the freeway for some reason that will be revealed. I hope.

After an excellent breakfast in the hotel, I hit the road about 9:30 this morning.

So far the trip is beautiful. The Indiana farmlands are mile after mile of gently rolling fields. The buildings are beautifully maintained and freshly painted on almost every farm. Freeways are wide with a large center divide but no guard rails or oleander bushes to separate the traffic.

The truck I am driving is comfortable with power steering, automatic transmission, air conditioning, a radio that plays largely Christian radio stations and a broken left side mirror.  It rides well and has a governor so I cannot drive more than 75. That may be a good idea.
Google maps kept trying to get me to exit the freeway, which I ignored. Now I realize they may have been trying to reroute me around this roadwork. But if I didn’t stop, when would  I dictate a blog post? Everything works out for the best.
I’m planning to drive as far as Omaha Nebraska today. This should fairly easily work out for a 4 day drive, stopping in Omaha, Laramie Wyoming, and Elko Nevada.  I am looking forward to all of it, just as soon as this roadwork clears and we can start driving again.


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