We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Clown Car

The Donald

The Donald

As if the Republican presidential race wasn’t sufficiently surreal already, with Ben Carson telling us that prison proves homosexuality is a choice, Jeb Bush afraid to use his last name, Carly Fiorina claiming that running HP into the ground is experience, Ted Cruz (born in Canada) saying Obama isn’t a citizen, Rich Santorum telling the Pope to mind his own business and Rick Perry, like Sarah Palin, now sporting clear glasses to look smarter, Big Don Trump stopped pussyfooting around this morning and announced that he is actually, really, in fact running, not just playing the press as he has the last few go-rounds.

I tried to watch his speech, I really did, but a man can only take so much.  There are no $3 websites.  My deductibles have not gone up because of Obamacare.  Unemployment is not 18-20%.  President Obama is a natural born citizen. The man is a walking, talking pile of bullshit, crowned with his signature comb-forward.

It’s OK that Colbert went off the air and Stewart is leaving–these clowns will give us all the laughs we need.


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