Packing them in like sardines

Sunday night jazz at the Sardine Can

Sunday night jazz at the Sardine Can

Just wandering around tonight, we decided to stop for dinner at the Sardine Can, a completely casual joint in Vallejo right on the water.

We’ve eater here before, and always enjoyed the creole cooking and the completely unassuming ambience–no chairs, just benches and picnic tables.

Happily, very happily, we walked in to find some absolutely great music happening, no cover, no tickets, just come by and enjoy.   The restaurant was crowded, but we found a spot–it’s cool to just join a table anywhere there is space.

Starting off, I had a cup of their very excellent black bean soup, which should have been hotter.  The soup is worth the drive to Vallejo all by itself.

In the past, I’ve always had the jambalaya, which is excellent.  Tonight, I tried the whiskey glazed salmon, which turned out to be a decent piece of salmon, somewhat overcooked, on a plate with just plain rice and some sauteed zucchini.  Mo betta you stick with the jambalaya.

Gail just ordered nachos, which came smothered in so much cheese, meat, salsa, olives and jalapeños you could barely find the chips.  These people surely know how to build a plate of nachos.

The pumpkin pie I had for dessert was hardly some house made specialty, but a decently serviceable commercial product.  At least I enjoyed one instance of squash with dinner.

The music continued.  These are not young guns trying to make a name for themselves, these are old pros enjoying an evening doing what they love.

Our luck was spectacular–tonight was the last concert of the season.  The music is every Sunday from April until October. When the rains leave and the robins come back next year, wander on up to the Sardine Can some Sunday night and prepare to have a good time.


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