Email from the ACBL, with the results of the election for first alternate.  This is not in any way confidential.

There will be a run-off election for District 21 1st Alternate

Between: William Corliss and Stu Goodgold

Chapter III, Paragraph D, Section 1.1 provides that in order to be eligible to serve as First Alternate Director, a member of the ACBL must be in good standing. Bruce Blakely does not meet this criterion and therefore is not eligible for the District 21 runoff for the position of 1st Alternate Director.

How do you get to be ineligible?  One way is to bounce a check.  That probably isn’t what happened here.

If you want to know, you’ll have to ask Bruce why he is not in good standing, and why he spent so much time running when he knew that he wasn’t.

I can’t wait to hear the answer.


2 thoughts on “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhh.

  1. There is a rumor that the ACBL is hearing an appeal in Reno this week regarding the Bruce Blakely probation. Any new information??

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