A thing worth doing is worth doing badly

Doing everything well would be nice, but sometimes you just need to do something any way you can.

This morning I went to the College of Marin for a drawing marathon, put on by the Bay Area Models Guild.  For 3 hours I could sit and draw from live models, for a measly $30.  Although I have no talent whatsoever, nobody cares.  There are no photos because cameras are strictly verboten.  Accompanying me was our friend Ruth Hussey, who is an accomplished artist.  Even after 60 years of drawing and painting, she still likes to go to these events and practice.

I’d like to draw better than I do, and the only way to get better is to practice.  Models are not only expensive, but if you aren’t an established artist you can’t just call a model and say “come on over to my house, get naked and let me draw you”.  People seem to be wary of that.

There are different stages set up, with models working for different lengths of pose.  I started out with the one and two minute poses, which are mostly just to get gesture, a quick outline of the pose.  Since I’m not good at that, it was exhausting to try.  On the other hand, after 2 hours of trying I was a tiny bit better.

The last hour we moved to the 5 and 10 minute poses.  With more time, I could do a slightly better, but not anything I’d want to scan and post here.  I got some of the lines of the poses, made a few sketches that might have looked vaguely like what I was looking at.

So I’m not good, and didn’t make any worthy art.  The day was still a success, stretching my limits and trying something different.  Sometimes you just need to do something badly.


2 thoughts on “A thing worth doing is worth doing badly

    • Chris you should post a few images of your drawing. I always had the same trouble the one minute two minute posses it takes time to set in the importance of the rapid movement with drawing tools. eventually you can see how to shape the piece scale it go again and again….

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