Classing up the joint



Bridge used to be a high class affair, with players in their good clothes and directors in tuxedos. Those days have sadly gone, but there was a flash of old fashioned glamour today when this caddy went to work.

Stacy is one of the “professional” caddy staff, the cadre who travel around the country to caddy at all the NABC’s and large regionals. At 24, she has been caddying since her grandmother hired her 14 years ago to pick up slips at her local sectional in Ohio.

She and her cohorts like to drag out the formal clothes for the second Friday of each national, and today we were lucky enough to have her in the North American Swiss. Besides being gorgeous and classy, she is an excellent caddy and the boards were moving swiftly and smoothly all day.

This may be her last national, I hate to report. After we close up shop here in Denver she is going back to Ohio to a real job in the post office. Real life won’t be as much interesting as being part of the travelling road show that is bridge, but but maybe she’ll class up the post office for us.


One thought on “Classing up the joint

  1. The caddies at this tournament have been very attentive and efficient. They know how bridge works, and it seemed like the correct boards just magically appear on your table.

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