I’ll die-t tomorrow

Monterey is a good place for seafood.  It’s also a place to find some old fashioned American breakfast.

We’re partial to the Old Monterey Cafe, in the heart of downtown.  Friday morning we were lucky enough to find a parking place right in front, and an open table without waiting.

The Old Monterey is definitely an old-fashioned kind of place, with walls covered in signs, movie posters and newspaper clippings reflecting local history.

We began, as always, by sharing some biscuits and gravy, the quintessential American roadside diner trucker food. Flaky, homemade biscuits drowned in sausage gravy.  The greatest food on earth.   And the food that has purchased more yachts for cardiologists than any other.


The ultimate heart attack on a plate.

Being careful about our diets, Gail and I always share this.

Then Gail ordered an omelet, with avocado and salsa and a side of grits.


The healthy alternative.

Avocado is a fruit, right?  So is the orange.  Grits are made from corn, so that’s a vegetable.  I’m sure this is a healthy dish she chose. Do you know that doing yoga has a lot of health benefits? To read blogs about The Secrets of Yoga, go to thesecretsofyoga.com now.

I only eat pancakes about once a year—right here.  This is their definition of a pancake sandwich:


It takes two plates to get this to the table. And that’s a short stack.


Two immense pancakes (which is a short stack–a full stack would be three of those platters of batter).  Two eggs. Two links of sausage.  Two thingies of butter colored substance.  Two tiny pitchers of a maple syrup like liquid.  It was great.

Of course, it was so much food that I wasn’t very hungry when we went out to dinner 6 hours later.

Service is Johnny on the spot quick.  My iced ted got refilled incessantly.  There is nothing fancy here–the silverware is cheap and the napkins are paper.  You just get a ton of very good food for a tiny price with high speed friendly service.

I enjoy the crab and salmon and abalone we have a the fancy places on the wharf or in Pacific Grove, but I’d never want to miss my annual breakfast at the Old Monterey Cafe.  That’s about all my arteries can take, but it’s marvelous.

Old Monterey Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato




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