Something completely different



gatewood.jpgSome great photographer once said if you want more interesting pictures, stand in front of more interesting stuff.

Tonight I went to a gallery opening in San Francisco for a show by a photographer who took that to an extreme.

Charles Gatewood is a photographer interested in the wilder side of human behavior–tattooing and body modification.  He is still very much alive, but this show was a retrospective from the 70’s and 80’s.

The photographs seem to be simply done candid shots of interesting people doing interesting things. No sets or fancy lighting, Gatewood just recorded the happenings and showed the people.

Here are two that were titled “Disco Party, NYC, 1979


I never got to go to parties like that.

Ladybug Gallery is a tiny space on upper Powell Street, near Broadway.  The attending crowd was hardly the well-heeled arty set, it was all young hipsters and one old codger in suspenders.  The prints were priced at “$1000 (price negotiable)”.  That’s like saying they just won’t accept a grand, you must offer less.

Going to shows like this expands my view, seing how brave some photographers can be in their subject matter.  Now I just need to meet some wilder people to photograph. Anyone out there have something to share with the world?


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