Yachts in Walnut Creek?

There isn’t any navigable water in Walnut Creek, but we have a yacht club.   This is perfect since I don’t have a yacht.

We’ve been to the Walnut Creek Yacht Club (which is really just a theme for a very nice restaurant at Bonanza and Locust) quite a few times, and it always is a pleasant meal.

The joint is too damned loud, but that’s the price you pay for hanging with the young and hip these days.

January is Lobster month. They provide a dinner of grilled or steamed lobster, fries and cole slaw for 32 clams (which is some kind of a mixed metaphor).  That’s a good deal, and is part of the reason the place was so loud–it was packed to the gunwales. (see how I can continue a theme?)


Heck of a good deal for $32

The cole slaw didn’t thrill me, but that wasn’t what we were there for.  The crustacean was excellent and the fries were drenched in garlic, so I was a happy camper.  So happy I let Gail get a photo of me that may become my new profile pic.


Gail loves to add angles to her shots.

We happily ran into friends and joined them, which let me get this shot of some fantastic looking fish and chips:


Service was decent considering how busy they were.  Prices are quite reasonable, the place is friendly not formal, there’s an interesting loggia in the back I’d enjoy in more clement weather.  I think this is just the kind of yacht club for me.

Walnut Creek Yacht Club Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato



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