Something Great Happened


The young Master with his mom in the background.

When I met Gail, she came with a passel of grandkids, now 8 of them.

When Kate married Brad, he had two of his own.  Now Brad’s daughter, Brittnee, has had a son, Braden.

Which makes me, kinda-sort, in a way, -ish, a great grandfather.  I can definitely dig it. Nice to be ahead of Micky once in a while.

Last weekend, just for the heck of it, the entire menage decamped for Seattle. to visit granddaughter Chloe and he boyfriend, Brien.   Gail and I went up for Saturday night dinner and lots of baby snuggling.


His Nibs and grandpa Brad

The Seattle Waterfront Marriott has a side room of the lobby with a fireplace and huge sofa.  We claimed it for ourselves and that’s where we hung out between meals, just chatting and playing with the baby as he crawled around exploring.

Saturday lunch we went to Ivar’s, an excellent local seafood chain.  I like what they call this particular branch, right on the waterfront.


Makes me envision a farm with rows of clam plants.

Gail likes to be busy, so she found something to do while we were sitting there. Chloe found the children’s amusement pack, and Gail wanted one too.


Staying between the line, for a rare change.

Seattle is famous for raising the minimum wage to $15, which doesn’t seem to have caused any catastrophic crash in employment or corporate profits.  In fact, when we got the bill this was printed on the bottom:


I think this is the wave of the future.

Back at the hotel, more playing in front of the fire.  Kate is reveling in being ‘Nana”


Why do all babies love to eat glasses?

The previous week, I had emailed the concierge at the Marriott to arrange a table for 8 1/2 someplace nice, modern and not heavily meat-centric, as we had a couple of vegan/vegetarians with us.  We ended up at Wild Ginger, a massive, 400 seat, Asian-fusion place in the downtown area.  Uber got us a big SUV to pile into and we were off for an enjoyable meal with an incredible waiter.

Sunday we slept in while the others made an early flight home.  There was a late breakfast with Chloe and Brien (the hotel overcooked the poached eggs in my crab benedict) and we were home in time for the Oscars.


This being a grandfather thing is great.


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