Off to Breakfast

Breakfast is included here, so Gail and I wandered up to give it a try.  This hotel is built on the side of a cliff–the lobby is on the 9th floor and everything goes down from there. We’re on the seventh floor, the pool is on the first.

The tables are all outside, the better to enjoy the balmy tropical breezes. Even in the rain it is pleasant to sit (under the cover of the upper floors) and enjoy the weather.

The morning buffet is a mostly standard hotel offering.  The scrambled eggs with goat cheese and broccoli were excellent and different, the rosemary potatoes were absolutely first rate.  The St. Regis has even learned how to keep eggs benedict warm without being dried out in a chafing dish.

Then I saw these signs below the trays of breakfast meats:


Being gluten free is a pretentious fad in most cases–there are a tiny number of people who have celiac disease and genuinely must avoid gluten, the rest are just trying to look cool or don’t understand the reality of the situation.  I think anyone who can’t figure out that BACON has no gluten should probably enjoy a BLT and go back  to school and learn what gluten is.

The high point of the meal for me was dessert.  You don’t often get dessert with breakfast, so I was a happy camper to see the white chocolate bread pudding.  You can top your own with chocolate, caramel, pineapple, and whipped cream.  Every meal should have dessert.


Chocolate on the left, caramel on the right. Joy everywhere.

Kauai is famous for its wild chickens, but there are many types of bird here and none of them seem to be afraid of people.  I saw this on sitting on the water pitchers.  I have no idea of what kind of bird it is, but maybe my cousin Nick will help us out.


We’re off on adventures today, so a good breakfast is important.  Stay tuned.


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