This was more fun when I was 11

Not Hawaii in general, just one small part of the trip.

Brad is a golfer, and wanted to try the course here which is on a list as one of the top 100 in the world.  So today he set off to play the Makai Golf course, and Gail went with him to drive the cart and see what trouble she could cause.


Brad and his chauffeur (chauffeuse?)

I went with the rest of the gang to beach to go snorkeling, at the far end of the island at Tunnels Beach.

Getting to Tunnels there is only one road, two lanes,  which has a pair of one lane bridges.In California, these would have lights and signals and perhaps automatic barriers to control the traffic.  Hawaii just puts up these signs explaining how to take turns like adults:


The right way to keep things orderly.

As the road narrows and peters out, you notice a swarm of cars parked, people walking, tents set up on the side of the road: you must have arrived at Tunnels Beach. There is a huge reef here which makes the snorkeling fantastic.

Fantastic, that is, if you are young, limber and in good shape.  I’m none of those things, and just had a miserable time trying to get into the water in swim fins.  Then trying to get out of the water in swim fins. I couldn’t stand up.  I couldn’t sit down.  It was all work and no play.  I should stick to snorkeling from a boat.  Or just sitting on the boat having a cold drink,not snorkeling,  and looking at the sky.

Here’s the sky.  Why didn’t I just enjoy it without trying to fight the entire Pacific Ocean?


Tunnels Beach, Kauai.

There were pretty birds here; there are birds everywhere on this island. A constant cacophony arises from all the wild chickens (no natural predators).  I saw this little one, and another mostly identical one with a brown head, working together, playing, cooing, pulling up strings and twigs to make a nest.


Just more of the glorious wildlife of Kauai

Pulling myself from the pounding surf and incoming tide, it was time to leave.  Brad and Gail were caught in a hellacious rainstorm, and had decided to call it a day after 9 holes.  The rain was so hard that the course offered him a rain check for the other 9, so he’ll be back there tomorrow or Sunday.

It’s back to the hotel to write and nap and look forward to dinner.  Life is good.


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