Just having fun

Today I did exactly what you are supposed to do here on the garden isle.  Not a damned thing.

You are required to take photos of the stunning ocean sunsets.  I think it’s a state law.


They get one of these every day.

Gail’s son Ross arrived last night with wife Julie and grandsons Beaux and Blake.  The 11 of us had dinner on the terrace, and I continued to have fun taking pictures with the new camera, which continues to amaze.


The lighting is dark and intimate, and the camera just keeps taking great shots.


Chloe and Demi



Blake growing into manhood.


A sushi platter by candlelight


Julie paying attention to the conversation

After dinner we wandered up to the bar to listen to the local music and have a nightcap. Julie surprised me by ordering a grasshopper, a drink I haven’t seen in 30 years or more.  Creme de menthe, creme de cacao and cream make a grown up milkshake.  The really cool guys use ice cream instead of heavy cream.


A rarity in the modern bar–a grasshopper


The next day we hung out at the pool, where Chloe and Brien checked out paddles and played water ping-pong or pickleball or something.  It was fun to watch the young lovers just having fun.


And that’s all the photos from that day.  Nothing dramatic, just a great way to enjoy life and family.



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