Lo! How the mighty have fallen.



Jerry Weitzner asked me to look up the Coco Palms Resort here on Kauai.  He stayed here with his wife and kids ages ago, and he wondered about the current state of the place.

In its day, which was the 50’s, 60’s and early 70’s, the Coco Palms was the hot spot of the island. Movies were shot here, from Pagan Love Song, with Esther Williams and Howard Keel, through Miss Sadie Thompson and including the most noted of them all, Blue Hawaii starring Elvis.  And then, of course, Jerry stayed there.

Changes in ownership, decline in the economy and the growth of other luxury properties on the island led to diminishing fortunes for the Coco Palms, and then Hurricane Iniki struck the island in 1995.  The facility was uninhabitable, and closed.

The ensuing 20 years have given rise to many different plans to rebuild, re-establish and reopen the property, but nothing has eventuated.  Demolition permits were issued just last month, but even that seems to be in limbo.

There is a website with the history of the property and many old photos here

Gail and I drove down to see what there was to see, and I managed to step around an unsecured piece of fence and get some photos of the buildings which have been going to seed for 2 decades. This is my first attempt at urban exploring, and it was kind of fun:


Presumably, the building will be coming down in the near future and will be replaced by soul-less condos and time shares (shudder!).  I’m glad Jerry told me about the Palms and I got the chance to explore a bit.



One thought on “Lo! How the mighty have fallen.

  1. I noticed the place also one year when we went there. I’m ot sure where I saw the partial history ( Kauai handbook?). It’s sad to know they are being replaced by apartments but perhaps they are needed.

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