Small business survives


Hard at work at the most casual of offices.

America has always been a land of entrepreneurs, forging small business out of grit and a small bankroll.  Here’s another example.

iPhone Joe repairs iPhones and iPads.  Most of his life is spent replacing the glass when someone drops her phone, again, and the screen shatters. Again.  Nobody that I know personally, of course.

You can take your iPhone to Apple, wait for a few days and pay them a fortune, or you can go to the Berkeley Coffee shop on Shattuck avenue, look for the guy in the black visor, and in 20 minutes or so your phone will be as good as new, with a fresh glass and a complimentary new screen protector.

Joe was a Berkeley student when his phone broke 7 years ago, and he found he could fix it himself cheaper and faster than Apple would.  Other people needed help, too, and so a business and career were born.

For years, Joe worked in the window of People’s Coffee.  When they lost their lease, the independent coffee shop moved across the street, becoming Berkeley Coffee in the process.  Joe moved with them, bringing his bike helmet, backpack full of tools and genial manner to a tiny round table where he conducts business daily.

As you can guess, Joe has been keeping our iPhones working for some time now.  I like having a guy I know and trust, and I like being able to get my phone fixed in the time it takes to enjoy a chai latte and a blueberry muffin right on site.


Yes, his name is really Joe.

The easy way to do things is to make an appointment online HERE then show up at 61 Shattuck Square and look for the guy in the black visor.  You can text him at 626 757-8263.  He’s a good guy.



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