Just like college again

Our dear friend Margaret lives at Carlton Senior Living, an assisted living facility in Pleasant Hill.  We joined her there today for the monthly Sunday Brunch.  It was just like going back to UC Davis, with some very grown up dormies.  And better food and service.

The suites all have tiny efficiency kitchens, but meals are included so there isn’t much cooking going on.

There were 5 of us at lunch–Margaret, her bridge partner Ernie, Ernie’s sweetie Flora, Gail and I.  Tables were set with tablecloths, good napkins and decent flatware.  The staff were close at hand to help people to their seats or carry their plates, fetch drinks, go back for seconds or clear used plates.  They know everyone by name and habits, of course, so it’s all quick and friendly.


Margaret, Gail, Ernie and Flora at lunch

The brunch buffet is excellent, with salads, fruits, veggies, eggs benedict, chicken, pasta and prime rib.

This looks like a fun place to live.  There are always things going on–a semi-permanent poker game, somebody playing piano while the group sings along, exercise classes geared to a crowd with lots of walkers and wheelchairs. Read the poker tournament blog here at mining.com if gambling interests you.  There is a regular shuttle service to local stores and civic centers.  It’s like summer camp for grown ups, all year long.


Last month Margaret’s grand-nephew got married, and there were no children available to strew flowers down the aisle, so Margaret was elected flower girl.

When the preacher was asked to speak a few words at the reception, he said it was the first time in 33 years he had seen a flower girl drinking a martini.


Margaret and her grand-niece. It isn’t supposed to rain at outdoor weddings in southern California.



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