Seeing the Elephant

That’s an old fashioned phrase for going to the big city, and we’re in the biggest city, New York, for a weekend of theater and visiting with the young master, who has flown in from Tel Aviv with his girlfriend, the beautiful Léa, just to see us.  And Hamilton, for which we have tickets for the Saturday matinee.


Arriving in the evening, the first order of business was dinner.  We went to Bobby Van’s, a classic kind of New York place, all heavy wood, thick linen and obsequious service.

In California I usually have the fish or pasta, but it seemed right to switch to beef here.  Toby and I decided to share the 37 ounce porterhouse steak, and it was magnificent.  Three or four of us could have shared it.


Poetry in protein. Sirloin to the left of the bone, filet to the right.


A slab of beef like this deserves two photos.


Kate and Brad both chose another East Coast heart-attack-on-a-plate, the steak Oscar.  A filet topped with crab, asparagus and hollandaise.


I don’t know who Oscar was, but I like the way he thinks.


Gail could not pass up the chili, and thought it was one of the best she had ever enjoyed.


Bobby Van’s signature chili.


We sat and enjoyed for over 2 hours, then tottered back to the Doubletree Suites, which is right smack dab in the middle of Times Square, across from the W and the Marriott Marquis.  As usual, the Travel Goddess did right by us.

Gail was ready to hit the sack, but I had to go out with my little Sony camera and see the people.  It’s stunning how big the crowds are at 11 pm on a Thursday night, and how many of them have little children along.


Traffic is bumper to bumper pretty much all of the time.

The famous steps are full of tourists just chilling, doing nothing, taking a rest and watching the mobs.


This young woman spoke mainly Spanish, but she has the right spirit.


The modern day Miss Liberty.

No trip is complete without a religious fanatic or two.  Somebody has to remind the sinners to repent, or something.


Speaking of sinners, the latest thing here are young women wearing tiny thongs and body paint, who pose for photos for money.  Just what is the difference, really, between a lace top and a thick coat of paint?  Is there some moral requirement to cover oneself in cloth?  Some people get quite exercised over these women, who aren’t (I don’t think) doing anything wrong.  I hope they’re all working on their doctorates at NYU or Cooper Union.


Can’t complain about a good patriotic paint job, can you?


This, after all, is why I ♥ NY



Tomorrow we go to museums and then a play to be chosen later.  Stay tuned


5 thoughts on “Seeing the Elephant

  1. Don’t know if you need any suggestions but I just checked Todaytix app (kinda like the Tkts booth near you but you buy online,then they deliver to theater) and of the ones available tomorrow The Humans is great if you want a play and Color Purple if musical us more your thing. Have a ball!

      • Fun Home- very well done- theater in the round – story of basically the children in a family where dad is a mortician and closeted gay, young daughter played by 3 very talented actresses. There are many songs that we liked but mostly it was about the one daughter yearning to be her own person .
        Also- I’m pretty sure you heard of Curious Incident of the Dog in the night Time- simply amazing story of an autistic 15 year old boy who is narrating his story through his teacher. It was geniiously designed to reflect the mind of this boy – staging was amazing!
        Both received Tony awards year before last!
        Tickets might be available . If you got Hamilton then you can get tix to either one of these !!

  2. I know you’re a pizza guy and it’s a very subjective and individual thing but IMHO you very near the best slice in NYC. Patzeria on 46th btwn Bway & 8th, across street from back stage door of Hamilton. A dump, three stools but good. They’ll deliver to Doubletree.

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