Out for a Sunday drive

The weather was great and we own a convertible, so what better thing to do today than go for a Sunday drive.

We wondered over the Antioch bridge and out to the delta, winding our way along poorly paved levee roads enjoying the views, marveling at the houses built behind the levees but on stilts high enough to survive a breach.  Lots of them are for sale, if you want a weekend getaway that isn’t all that far from home.

Hunger took over, and I quickly googled “best brunch”, which led us to the Spindrift Marina in Isleton.


All of these places look alike.  Dark, cool interiors, lots of maritime geegaws as decor, corny signs and silly gags.  Spindrift is no different.


Just hanging out at the bar on a sunny Sunday


Not a lot of need for a hard hat diving suit in the delta.


Windows like portholes for the proper maritime feel


Directions to the rest rooms

So the atmosphere was right, how was the food?  Excellent.

Seafood seemed appropriate, and the waitress/owner said their specialty was the halibut tacos, so that’s what I had.  I asked what came with the tacos, and was told “it’s a surprise”.  You don’t get answers like that at the French Laundry, but we were out for an adventure, so what the hell?


Fried halibut tacos.

The lunch got started with a cup of clam chowder that had more bacon than clams–clearly the right way to prepare it.  Then the tacos came with beans and rice, my “surprise”.  The red plastic squeeze bottle on the table holds not ketchup but chipotle sauce, just the right amount of spicy zestiness for the perfect taco.  This meal made me a happy campers.

Gail just wanted a death-food hamburger, and that’s what she got.

Being the healthy eater that I am, I was going to pass on dessert.  Gail, who virtually never orders a dessert, pointed out the the Spindrift offers home made spumoni.  I graciously agreed to share one with her, and we quite enjoyed the genuine taste of the original Italian sweet.

The Spindrift is run by a husband and wife team, Chris and Sherri, who have owned the place for a dozen years.


Sherri wanted me to mention the $22 steak and lobster on Friday night, with karaoke at 7 pm.  $25 steak and lobster on Saturday night, more expensive but you don’t have to listen to the singing.

Who’s interested?  I’d love to take a group on a Friday and just party.  I’ll be the designated driver, as always.  This is a serious offer.

We circled through Stockton and back to highway 4, then came home on Marsh Creek road, which I’ve loved since I had a motorcycle 25 years ago.  We got a great view of the back side of Mt. Diablo.


All in all, an excellent way to spend the day, a good lunch, new friends in the owners of the marina.  Life is good.

Spindrift Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato



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