Not gonna play in Peoria

Off to Center Rep last night with Micky and Linda.  We saw a play called It Should Been You, billed as a musical comedy. We enjoyed it, even though Gail thinks it is 20 minutes too long.

It was musical. It was a comedy. It also covered some serious themes that will play well in this area, but this play surely isn’t going to work in the conservative religious heartland.  The serious themes were discussed without preachiness but rather smugness at how mature and modern we all are.  This is a West Coast play, to be sure.

The acting is superb.  This production boasts 5 players who are members of Actors Equity, and the non-Equity members all do a fine job. The singing is on key, the dancing is flawless (and beautifully choreographed), the acting is spot on.

Elizabeth Curtis, not an Equity member, holds the play together as Jenny, the less pretty older sister of the bride. Richard Frederick plays the father of the groom, and makes a small part big with his talents. Scottie Woodard gets most of the big laughs as Albert, the ultimate wedding planner.

It’s hard for me to properly describe It Should Been You without giving it away.  Suffice it to say that the play centers around a wedding.  People are not what they seem.  Secrets are revealed.  Uproar is uproared.  Cooler heads prevail.  Wisdom and kindness win the day and everyone lives happily ever after.

The Margaret Lesher theater was sold out last night, and again tonight.  There are seats available for the rest of the run, but you should act quickly.


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