Baby’s First Haircut

Claudia was getting too darned shaggy, and we didn’t know how she could see out of all the hair covering her eyes, so it was time to make that traumatic first trip to the groomer.  Traumatic for us, that is.  The pup couldn’t care less.  Just one more person to love her.

We asked Dr. Ruth, our caring vet who also has a couple of small dogs, who was the best around.  She recommended Deanna, now working out of Patty’s Pet Parlor in Concord. An appointment was arranged, and off we went.

busstation-2The first meeting went well–Claudia jumped into her arms and started kissing.

busstation-1More hugging ensued until some calm could be arranged.

busstation-3Deanna and Gail had a serious talk about what was required–just a trim of face, feet and tail.  No big haircut.  No scalped dog.  Plenty of fuzzy, rag-mop left to run around the house.

busstation-4Getting ready to say good bye.  You can see how overgrown her face was.

Deanna wanted 90 minutes to give her a bath, blow her dry and make her beautiful.  That’s when Gail and I went to Mimi’s Cafe for breakfast, with Gail slightly trepidacious all the while.

When we went to pick her up, Gail stayed in the car.  Which was good because Deanna had placed a pretty bow in Claudia’s hair, and I knew that wasn’t Gail’s style at all.  Safely de-bowed, I brought her out to the car and Gail was very happy with the results.  So happy that when we went home I set the newly shorn puppy on the stool in my photo studio and took a formal portrait for  you:


You can see her eyes now.

Here’s one more I took Sunday


We are lucky to have such a cute pup, and I’m awfully glad we found Deanna.  Next up: a full dog trim, not cut, just trim.  I doubt that she can get any cuter, though.


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