Too darned much

Lunch today at the Lazy Dog, a casual sports bar kind of joint where El Torito was at the south end of the Willows. 

They gutted the building, so it’s just one huge room with a full bar, five huge TV screens and too much noise.  There is a good looking patio for a slightly warmer day. 

I don’t mind casual, but when the greeter refers to us five separate times in two minutes as ‘you guys’ I think casual has gone overboard. 

The menu has all the sports bar kind of thing–burgers, sandwiches, pastas, a few main courses. There was a weekend brunch menu as well, and Gail ordered the chilaquiles from that. What she got was more a plate of nachos and scrambled eggs, but she liked it and carefully found all the eggs. 

I had the walnut chicken salad sandwich. The menu promised chunks of chicken, but it was finely shredded and mixed with the walnuts, golden raisins, celery and what was billed as curry mayo. There was no taste of curry in my sandwich, but it was a decent meal with quite nice fries.  

One thing we noticed was the huge portions. Although prices were reasonable, you get an absurd amount of food. My sandwich was $9.95, and it was vastly more than I could hope to finish. Gail’s dish was immense. Even my iced tea cane in a huge glass–it needed four packets of sweetener instead of the usual three. 

That much food feels wasteful, and is why so many Americans are overweight. We ate less than half the food we were given, and I hardly have a dainty appetite. 

On our way out, the greeter said “have a good day, folks.”  I think that’s a promotion from ‘you guys’. 

The Lazy Dog is a decent place for a quick meal, or a place to go to have a. See and watch the game. Seriously consider sharing a dish–there will still be leftovers. You guys will save money and calories and feel virtuous and frugal. 


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