Mother said to clean my plate


Rib eye steak and sweet potato, loaded

Dinner tonight at the Texas Roadhouse, a monument to cheap prices and fast service.

I was back at the cabin, but the other guys got here early, only to find that they adamantly would not be seated until all six of us were in atendance.  I showed up, and we were crammed into a booth, because there are no tables.  The tables all have buckets of unshelled peanuts to munch on, and of course shovel the shells onto the floor.

Danny distributed menus, pointedly placing them all with the back page up, so we could see the early bird specials.  Can’t slip that past an accountant.

Being a big spender, I chose the 10 oz rib eye steak, served with 2 sides for $16.99.  I chose the sweet potato as one of the side dishes, and ordered it “loaded” which I thought meant butter, cinnamon and brown sugar.  Nobody mentioned the melted marshmallow on top, but being a well behaved young man I ate it all politely.

The rib eye was very good.  The potato was good.  I noticed all my compatriots finishing their meals.  Texas Roadhouse serves a pretty darned good meal, fast and cheap.  Steak, sides, peanuts, un-sweet iced tea and rolls came to $22.88.  The waitress brought separate checks as a matter of course.

I reminded everyone that the server was making $2.13/hour here in the unreconstructed south, and they should tip well.  I hope we made her day.  The marshmallows made mine.


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