Dinner at Calhoun’s. It’s pretty much like everywhere else around here, except they have wild salmon on the menu. Gail won’t let me have farmed salmon, so this was a happy find.

Interesting events in the ordering process. After I asked for the dish, the waitress inquired if I wants the rass.  “Rass?” I asked.  “Rass. Do you want the rass?”

So I’m not too bright.  She was saying “rice”.  The meal comes with rice. Somebody translated it for me.  I’m sort of accustomed to the Tennessee accent, but this was the worst I’ve heard.  I took the rice.


Wild Atlantic salmon with rass.

Sadly, the fish was seriously overcooked.  The “corn puddin’ ” that accompanied it was sweet and buttery, and that’s about all you can expect from corn puddin’.

Mike and Bob ordered the brisket.  The manager came out to tell us they had run out of brisket and they needed to make another choice.  I asked if that meant we all got dessert, and managed to promote to desserts for the table.  How you run out of something 5 minutes after you open is a mystery–either somebody forgot to order brisket or the purveyor forgot to deliver.

A basket of breatstuff was presented–rolls, biscuits and corn muffins.  I had the biscuit, and it was magnificent.  Bruce said the muffins were first rate, there were no leftovers.

The desserts were great.  There was a key lime pie and a banana macadamia nut pudding (no apostrophe this time). We kept passing them around the table, but I noticed the pie got stuck in front of me and the pudding in front of Bill.

This was another absurdly cheap meal, about $26 including a lavish tip.  Great service, as you almost always get here.  The food isn’t all that good, but the low prices and friendly service almost make up for it.


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