Talent is where you find it

People have many talents, yet we tend to think that bridge players only play bridge, or tennis players only play tennis.  I got another lesson in how wrongheaded that is this afternoon when Jan Gunn took us to the Berkeley Tennis Club for an art show presented by club members.

The club has a large room, with a full stage at one end.  The lighting is great, and it was perfect for the event.


Here are Gail and Jan talking with one of the artists, a woman who does botanical drawing to exacting perfection:


Some amateur and some professional, all the artists displaying their work were showing a side of themselves not ordinarily seen by their fellow club members.  Here are some of their creations:

Thelma Lancaster makes bread sculptures, just for the heck of it:

Her husband, Sydney Kennedy, creates fine wood crafts.

Ama Torrance creates fiberglass sculpture.  I think one of these would look good in our yard, with lighting from within.


A didn’t get the name of this artist:

untitled-10It is interesting to see a painting and the item it was fashioned on:

Cary Lapidus was surrounded by her paintings:


The sculptures of Danielle la Fontaine were enchanting:


It wasn’t a large show, and not everything was for sale–you could have a bread sculpture for the asking.

We enjoyed the art, and may even purchase one of the fiberglass animals.  The real lesson here is to keep you eyes and heart open for the breadth of abilities the people you know have and not to limit you thoughts about them to the one arena of life you see them in.


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