Flamenco in Walnut Creek 

Dinner tonight at Teleferic in Walnut Creek. We were here in once before and enjoyed it, but tonight was a special occasion. 

Monday’s being traditionally slow, restaurants try different promotions to get the crowds in. Teleferic brings in three masterful flamenco dancers, a singer and an incredible Spanish guitar player. A small wooden dance floor is laid down, and the music takes over. 

There were five of us and a four year old. We didn’t even read the menu, just asked our very competent waiter to feed us. We had salmon tartare, octopus, salad, potato croquettes, scallops, jamon Serrano and of course finished with churros and chocolate. There is a rolling tapas cart, like dim sum, and we tried a deviled egg.  Every single bite was scrumptious. I don’t think you can go wrong with any of the food here.  

The music is free– there isn’t even a tip jar. The three women rotate in and out, doing what is essentially a Spanish tap dance. I believe they are improvising to the music and they are so expert it just flows. 

My only complaint about this place is the same as the first time we were here–it’s too damned loud. With all the stomping in the dance surface it was even louder than before. Fortunately, this time I had earplugs with me which eased the pain. I strongly recommend them to everyone. 

Teleferic is a great place for an authentic Spanish experience with brilliantly prepared and presented food. Give it a try on a Monday evening and get in the groove with the music and dance. It’s truly wonderful. 


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