No Dallas for me. 

Micky working in the Admirals Club while we cool our heels in O’Hare

We were headed for home through Dallas. It’s always Dallas. But our plane kept getting more and more delayed. 8:15. 9:30. 10:25. 2:30. It was looking ugly. 

With the help of an enormously competent young man named Jesse, we were able to reroute home via Chicago. A few minutes later we heard that our original flight had been further delayed until 9:30 PM!  A full 13 hours behind schedule, and too late to get any flights out of Dallas even if we got there. We had definitely made the right choice. 

The flight to O’Hare was quick and easy. Now we are ensconced in the Admirals Club, waiting for a 5 pm flight to SFO. 

We will end up about 6 1/2 hours behind schedule, wasting a day we each had plans for. 

I try to remember we’re still having a better trip west than the Donner Party had. 


4 thoughts on “No Dallas for me. 

  1. First, I hope you used those vouchers for this trip.
    Second, you could have called Travel Goddess for re-routing magic.
    I always tell my clients to get in line, and dial my number 🙂

  2. As the old joke goes:

    Restaurant hostess calling over the PA system.

    “Donner….party of 12….make that 11”

  3. As the old joke goes:

    Restaurant hostess calling out over the PA:

    “Donner….party of 12….make that 11”

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