Not even in Dallas 

Mike and I finished playing in Gatlinburg yesterday and headed to Knoxville and the airport Hilton. We had a gorgeous drive on back roads through pouring rain and the beautiful, lush Tennessee open space.

Up far too early this morning, I walk the 200 yards to the airport and checked in for my flight. All was well as we boarded and backed away from the gate.

Then disaster struck. The pilot said we had some mechanical issue and we’re taxiing back to the gate. This is never good. 
After about 15 minutes he announced that it would be over an hour and we should all deplane.

Settling back in on the oh so comfortable airport benches  I got on the phone to American Airlines to rebook our flight, hoping that would be faster than waiting in line with everyone else. Mike, who is no  fool, handed me his boarding pass so I could rebook us both. 
The good news is we are on a flight about three hours later. The bad news is we are both in middle seats. I asked to be put on the upgrade list, but was told they couldn’t because I had already checked in, in Tennessee. This makes no sense of course, but that’s not surprising when dealing with the airlines. 

So we’ll sit here until we finally take off and fly to Dallas, sit some more, and fly home squooshed into middle seats. 

If all goes well.


2 thoughts on “Not even in Dallas 

  1. Sounds like your American Airlines shirt didn’t come through for you this time. Perhaps you should have gotten one for Mike. May want to consider going “all in” and getting a leather AA pilot’s ja

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