Your government at work



I got a new car, and I’d like to transfer the personalized plates from the old station wagon in the garage to the new ride.

So I called up the DMV and asked what to do.  Because one car is registered to Gail and one to me, there is a small problem.  With the DMV, there is always a problem.

Paperwork needs to be filled out.  Gail sure as hell isn’t going to go to the office with me, so I needed the paperwork at home.  Could they email it to me?

No.  The DMV doesn’t do email.  Can’t have any of that new-fangled communications in the largest state in the union, the third largest economy in the world.

So the nice lady at the other end of the phone pulled out the paperwork, hand addressed an envelope and sent it to me.  Just like they did in 1863.  Can’t get more efficient than that.


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