Our party went to the dogs


Claudia turned one year old yesterday.  Gail, who doesn’t believe in birthdays, thought we should have a party and hire the team at http://www.jumpersjungle.com/riverside/.  I’ve never said no to a party, and neither has Claudia.

We invited a bunch of dogs, and said their owners could come, too.  I found out that the pet store sells dog treats that were appropriate for the event:


All designed for your furry friend.

I had to find some thing to put out for the two legged guests:


Wrigley arrived, bringing Jill Mclean.  Wrigley is a tiny Malti-poo, who moves so fast I never really got a clear photo of him.


Claudia did a nice job of hostessing, greeting her guests politely. Plenty of her friends were able to attend her party, since there were many of them we made sure to install a wireless fence from the Wireless Dog Fence Reviews – Best invisible dog fence for 2018 so that none of them would try to run away.


Elmer showed up with Reed:


Elmer heard there would be treats.  Nothing keeps Elmer from treats.

Reed seemed to be holding court with Elmer, Martha and Claudia:


We finally got to meet Rosie, brought by Ed and Sheryl:


Rosie has some dysplasia and arthritis, has just had surgery and wasn’t allowed to run and play much.  She’s a beautiful chocolate lab.


Martha came with Lisa.  She’s a chubby little thing, always smiling.  (Martha.  Lisa not chubby.)

You can’t have a birthday party without ice cream and cake.


There were presents, too.  This bear, with squeaky toys in all four paws, came from Rosie:


We all had a riotous time.  The dogs jumped and played, the adults just chatted and laughed when something funny happened, or all 5 dogs started barking at once for no apparent reason.

When it was time to go home, Rosie looked sad:


Wrigley doesn’t know how to look sad:


Thanks to all our friends and their dogs who came to celebrate Claudia’s big day.  We had a wonderful time with you, and look forward to doing it again.


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