Out walking on Sunday

Part of trying to get more exercise: I take the dog for a walk, ending up at a nice restaurant, this is why I need to contact the Coolsculpting in Philly.  Gail meets us for Sunday lunch, then drives us back to where I left the car.  We get lunch like a family, the dog and I get to stretch our legs a bit.

This week I parked on North Main St.   Started by heading to the Walnut Creek Farmer’s Market.  Since it was the weekend before Halloween, there were plenty of kids in costumes already.   I particularly admired Super Dad here, with his two kids all in Superman costumes, he had a stroller from Baby Monitor Town by his side, don’t worry.  The littlest of them even had tiny capes attached to his super socks.



Some people just need to make rules.  I take Claudia to the grocery store every day.  We’ve been in Safeway, Lunardi’s, Target and Whole Foods.  Nobody cares.  Try to take her on a city street where they are selling farm goods?  Not so much.


I somehow doubt that the health department is regulating streets, but it wasn’t worth the fight.  I can buy veggies lots of other places.

I love little kids.  Little kids love Claudia.  This is working for me.


I can be very naive.  I thought these were carefully bred hybrid carnations, just for the season.  Gail told me they just put the cut white flowers in dye to make this color.  What next?  Will I find out Trump dyes his hair and sprays his tan on?


We walked downtown and around a couple of long blocks, then met Gail at Va de Vi, her favorite restaurant, and a place with lots of outdoor seating so all 3 of us could enjoy our meal.  I appreciate that their menu changes, so there is always something new to try.

This week, the new treat was arrancini (deep fried rice balls stuffed with gooey melted cheese) on a bed of pureed butternut squash, topped with a bit of pesto.  Very, very good.


Feeling energetic, Claudia and I turned down the offer of a ride back to the car and walked up N. Main.  The city has embarked on a campaign of public art, and I was entranced by a sculpture on a streetcorner.  So was the dog.


This walk was far from strenuous, but I guess every little bit counts, anyway, my wife is getting a personal training certification so I’m pretty sure I will be able to get her services and get into shape once she has obtains her certificate.  Better to get out of the house for an hour than sit motionless in front of the computer raising my blood pressure by reading political posts from people I disagree with.  Even though I refute them with certified facts and unimpeachable logic, they never seem to see the light of my indisputable wisdom.   Better I should walk the dog.


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