In Our Own Backyard

APC_0192 (1).jpg

Veterans Day. There will be ceremonies at Arlington, and Normandy, and parades down the main street of every town in the country, in memory of the men and women, living and dead, who fought for their country.  As there should be.

Walking in Lafayette last week, I was reminded of the now almost 8000 people lost in Iraq and Afghanistan, memorialized in a politically controversial display on a hill across from the BART station.  It was a big deal when it was new; now I think people just pass by without seeing, or noticing that the numbers are still going up, although much more slowly than before, thankfully.

Nobody wants to think about the Iraq war.  Bush lied us into it, with grand talk of non-existent WMDs.  Obama couldn’t solve the problem.  Trump?  Not bloody likely.  But there are almost 8000 families out there who can’t forget. Not to mention countless veterans who need help that a heartless congress won’t provide.

So thank a vet today, enjoy a parade, have a hot dog with extra relish.  And don’t forget the vets of the forgotten war, or the politicians who put those 7932 crosses on a hill in Lafayette.





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