My Buddy Augie

I’m back.  I was away for a while,  but now I’m back  Couldn’t think of anything to write since I got back from New Zealand.  Now I can.  Some things are simple

We’re in Paris.  So of course I have things to write about.  Starting off on a river tour, we begin with two days here in the city of lights.  This place gets my pick for the greatest city in the world–New York has more business and better theater, but Paris is still the one.

Our hotel is right next to the Opera House–I can walk out onto our tiny balcony and look down on the the plaza.  Yesterday there was a band playing there.


A closer shot shows a motley crew, in various stages of uniform.   They played for over 2 hours, so they must rehearse quite a bit.  I’m guessing they do this regularly and pass the hat for a profitable afternoon.

RiverCruiseParis-4  The Opera building itself is a work of art, topped by two works named Harmony and Poetry,  covered in glimmering gift copper electrotype.


But what I really want to talk about today is my buddy Augie, Auguste Rodin.  My favorite artist by a wide margin, Augie was an immense, imposing man of magnificent talent and an ego to match.   He turned out a prodigious amount of what I consider to be the greatest sculpture the world has known, abetted by a large studio and many many assistants, who sculpted particular parts–there was a hand expert, a foot expert, a patina expert, etc. The artistry of Rodin was decidedly a collaborative effort.

His home, in the left bank, was huge, and is now the Musee Rodin.   Gail took Brad and Kate sightseeing in a private car because Brad had never been to Paris.  Barbara McKay and I went out on a morning tour with our Tauck tour group, but it sucked big time, so we bailed out, had a bite to eat and then strolled down the Boulevard St. Germain and Google took us to the museum.

I’ve been here before, but can’t really get enough.  Here are some photos of artwork that caught my eye this time.


The building is impressive, and much of it is unchanged.

Our bathroom is adorned with feet.  How do I get this wall of foot models home with me?


I don’t know whether the artist of the day traded pieces or if Augie bought these two pieces, but they’re kind of nice decoration to have.




Van Gogh

In the garden are many large pieces, including The Burghers of Calais and The Gates of Hell.  This piece, Le Trois Ombres, is included on the top of the Gates of Hell, with the figures pointing to the sign “Abandon hope, all ye who enter here.”  In its separate incarnation, I think it should be “Get down, get funky”.  I doubt Augie got that whimsical.



2 thoughts on “My Buddy Augie

  1. We just arrived in Gatlinburg and will
    miss having you here this year. Will think of you when we have our deep fried deviled eggs.

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